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Raving Rabbids - Large Plush

Rabbids, usually called “Bunnies” in-game, are enemies of Rayman. In Rayman Raving Rabbids they began appearing out of the ground and quickly took over Rayman’s world, kidnapping him and the Baby Globoxes, apparently because other species made fun of them. They forced Rayman to compete in various gladiatorial events (namely odd minigames), and rewarded him only with plungers. Rayman eventually used all the plungers he got from them to build a ladder to freedom, but after escaping realized the Rabbids still had the baby Globoxes and he would no longer be around to protect them from the games they made him go through, so he turned around and jumped into one of the Rabbid hole to go back for them, only to get his foot stuck in it. Later games seem to only be focused on the Rabbids rather than Rayman for some reason, revolving around the minigames, Rayman appears to have his own games now as the Rabbids do as well. They are said not to be able to properly perform tasks like phoning, playing football and cooking eggs, but they certainly try. However, the one thing they are certainly good at…is dancing. The Rabbids’ eyes are normally blue when they are in a normal mood, when they have mouth contact with Xbox 360’s Kinect, they’re eyes turn green, but when they go berserk over something their eyes turn red, they pull out an item (usually a plunger) and scream “BAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” Rabbid is a mix of words rabbit and raid,as they try to take over Earth.

Bwaaaaa, those crazy Raving Rabbids™ !!! Our range of soft toys will certainly be noticed. Perfect as a gift, desktop accessory or in the back of the car. Available in 2 formats, open mouth and closed mouth (random), each in 3 sizes, small, medium and large plush.

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Available at Forbidden Planet International.

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