17% Off This Set Of 30 Lemmings Fridge Magnets

Lemmings Fridge Magnets

Who else remembers Lemmings? The panic you felt as you watched those little guys inch closer and closer to their death? The relief you felt when you managed to get a Blocker out just in time? The horror of realizing, all to late, that you have not saved them at all? Watching as they bounce off that blocker, turn and walk straight towards another cliff, with nothing below for them to land on. You know now that they needed umbrellas to float down to safety, and then a blocker to turn them around, but it’s too late. Your only option is to watch them all walk to their deaths… Why?! Why do they keep on walking?! WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LOOK BEFORE THEY LEAP?!

Sorry, had some flashbacks there. You never truly get over PLSD (Post Lemmings Stress Disorder.)

Anyway! You can now relive those dark times every time you go to your fridge with this awesome set of 30 Lemmings Fridge Magnets!

Was £5.99, now £4.99, saving you 17%.

Available at Forbidden Planet International.

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