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Fallout Lone Wanderer Pop! Vinyl Figure

Fallout Lone Wanderer Pop! Vinyl Figure – Funko – Fallout – Pop! Vinyl Figures – Help the Lone Wanderer escape Vault 101! Based on Fallout 3, the Lone Wanderer is wearing their armoured Vault-Tec jumpsuit! The Fallout Lone Wanderer Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall.

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Available from Zavvi in both Male and Female.

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Matthew Guiste

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, and probably longer still. It started out with my dad's Atari, eventually I moved onto a NES, and a Sega Megadrive but the defining console, and year, for me was the PlayStation in 1999: the year Final Fantasy VIII was released. Since then I've been a hardcore gamer, though not competitive in any way. I started out with JRPG's, and these days I usually play RPG's and FPS's. There are two things I really look for in a game: good character customisation, and an open world. So it should be no surprise that my favourite game series is Fallout. A game with a really good story, like Bioshock or The Last of Us, will bypass my usual requirements, but those types of games are few and far between these days. I'll play games on anything: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iPad, or PC, but I spend most of my time on PC thanks to Steam.

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