Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 5: Guardians Game Deals!

Deals for the 15th of September!

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Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is not very far away, have you pre-ordered your copy? It will be a lot harder to get on the day, so i suggest doing so if you wish to get this game early on. After seeing the presentation at E3, I had to play through Fallout New Vegas with some basic non game changing mods here and there (primarily graphics and lighting related) to be prepared for the awesomeness that is to come!. Fallout 4 wil be the first game in the series to have a voiced lead, some think this will stifle choice but I personally believe it’s just a layer added to the game and choice will very much remain in tact. This game introduced another first in the franchise which allows you to make a base and deconstruct/reconstruct buildings!. This game will be everywhere on release, be sure to get your copy so to avoid spoilers. This is sure to be a GOTY Contender.

You can get your copy of Fallout 4 for the Xbox One and PS4 for just £42.47 over at GameStop. Also available for £33.47 for the PC.

Star Wars Battlefront

Here we have another big hitter and contender for GOTY, looking absolutely amazing, Star Wars Battlefront might be the most visually appealing game to come out this year. Although the graphics are amazing, they don’t make a game, but this game has so much going for it, the combat looks really immersive and with the Star Wars movies coming out, you can be sure to have a lot of people to play with or against online. This is definitely looking like it’ll be one of the best Star Wars games we’ve seen.

You can get your copy of Star Wars Battlefront for the Xbox One and PS4 for just £43.85 over at SimplyGames.

Halo 5: Guardians

Now we’re down to the final GOTY candidate of the day Halo 5: Guardians!. While I’m not a huge Halo fan, this is looking to be a really great game. With the addition of Nathan Fillion to the cast, I’m sure it will gain some newer fans solely based on that, so don’t worry if you’re new to the series, you should find some friends in the same place as you. Halo has always had amazing cinematic gameplay and an awesome soundtrack, I’m hoping I get to hear more from this game.

You can get your copy of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox one for just £39.85 over at SimplyGames.

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