Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Type-0 & Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Game Deals!

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t on board with the revival of this series. I wasn’t a particularly big fan but it just didn’t feel like it would be that great in comparison to other games if they tried to stick to the roots too much. That said, I really liked the first game, I thought they did an excellent job with it and this one looks to be even better. Though I have yet to play it, once I’ve caught up with my backlog, I’ll definitely be getting this one. It got great reviews across the board as a cinemtic experience, definitely a game to play.

You can get your copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider for the PC for £39.99 over at GreenmanGaming.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

While this game only got average reviews from both critics and players, this game does seem to do a lot of things right. I know several people who loved the game for what it brought back to series in a good way. The most obvious feature is character choice, you have a large pool of cahracters to choose from, 14 to be exact. It’s also easy to switch between the cahracters, so you don’t have to heavily research characters before picking who to bring with you. Of course it has an excellent soundtrack, I personally am a big fan of the main track Pure Fire. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan or an RPG fan, then this might be something you’d enjoy.

You can get your copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PC for just £19.99 over at GreenmanGaming.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Pre-Order)

My initial reaction to this was that it was just going to be a Link Between Worlds clone pretty much and some of the puzzle solving aspects are similar to that as well as Triforce Heroes but it’s so much more than that. It feels like a spiritual sequel to Super Mario RPG more than anything. While a lot of the things seen in the game you’ll have seen before. All of it together with a Mario paint job will definitely make for a great game.

You can get your copy of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the Nintendo 3DS for £39.99 over at GreenmanGaming.

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