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Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an amazing game that I’ve sunk a lot of time into, 141 hours currently to be precise. This installment added something that wasn’t in previous games, which is the ability to take a S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats to 11 <insert Spinal Tap reference here> and aside from the fundamental increase the stat brings, it doesn’t do anything else. I want to see a super powered perk that you can only choose 1 of and then the rest are locked off so people can be different. Maybe they should require more than 1 point to unlock, like 3 or 5 and require all other perks in the tree maxed out and the main story has been completed, but the details can be decided later. Anyway here are my ideas:


Fallout 4 Strength

Strength is clearly the S.pecial stat to go for if you’re looking to go down a melee route, so I think the level 11 perk should reflect that. Each perk will have a passive effect and an active effect. The active effect will have a Special bar that either builds up over time naturally or when you kill/deal damage. So with that in mind here is the idea for the passive:

  • Melee Damage +20%.
  • Melee Sneak Critical Damage +25%.
  • Melee Critical Damage +25%.
  • Carrying Capacity +30.

As for the S.pecial ability, I was thinking along the lines of different S.pecials depending on your style of play.

  • Mind the Gap: While sneaking, all enemies lose detection of you and you silently dash toward the enemy and deal 50% addition sneak critical damage. This effect can be used multiple times until the timer runs out (30 seconds).
  • Sonic Boom: While standing, you smash the ground with massive force spending out a shockwave that deals critical hits with an additional 50% melee damage to a large area. Anyone who doesn’t die probably won’t walk the same way ever again, eS.pecially after you finish them off.


Fallout 4 Perception

Perception is the s.P.ecial stat to go for if you like to V.A.T.S, which I’m personally finding more useful than in previous games. The passives will be similar across all the stats for the sake of fairness. So here’s the general idea:

  • V.A.T.S cost 10% less for all actions.
  • AP Regenerates 10% faster.
  • V.A.T.S Damage +15% for all damage types.
  • V.A.T.S Accuracy +15% for all body parts.
  • V.A.T.S Critical Damage +25%.

As for the active s.P.ecial ability, I was thinking about what highly sharpened sense along with game logic might look soemthing like this:

  • Move like they do: Upon activating this ability you go into V.A.T.S, however you can move around normally, while everyone else is slowed down. You can see enemies highlighted through walls and you can shoot through litterally everything with no loss in accuracy. Explosives have double the range and can hit enemies through objects. The duration of this ability can be increased by increasing your action points (Up to 20 seconds). you can also press “Space” to preload a critical.


Fallout 4 Endurance

Endurance is the sp.E.cial stat you choose if you’re not tired of living and wish to keep doing it. While I personally liked being a glass cannon, playing on very hard and survival was quite the challenge.

  • Lover’s Embrace grants an additional 10% experience.
  • Health Regenerates 15% faster.
  • All Damage received is reduced by 15%.
  • Health is increased by 40 points.
  • Sprinting costs 75% less AP.

As for the sp.E.cial attribute, the logical choice is a more tanky option.

  • God Mode: Upon activation, nothing can hurt you, no actions exhaust you and no ammo is consumed. All shots fired at you reflect back for normal damage and and melee hits return damage while crippling the limb used, sometimes expoding the limb. Enemies will occasionally come out from behind cover and drop their weapons to sacrifice themselves to their new God (if you have “Intimidation” these enemies will instead fight for you). (Lasts for 25 seconds)


Fallout 4 Charisma

Charisma is the spe.C.ial stat to go for if you prefer to talk your way out of a situation or haggle for better prices, or maybe help the spe.C.ial someone realise what you’ve always known. It makes the game harder, since it doesn’t help you in battle directly but in the long run it gives you caps to improve upon youself much faster.

  • Deal 30% extra damage to the opposite gender.
  • Add’s the chance of non unique legendaries to appear in shops.
  • Enemies affected by “Intimidation” or “Wasteland Whisperer” now deals 35% extra damage and recieves 20% less damage.
  • Fully equipping companions with legendary items increases their damage dealt and decreases damage recieved by 35%.

As for the spe.C.ial ability, I had a hard time deciding where to take it, until I watched Jessica Jones.

  • Soul Saviour: If you sheath/holster your weapon (hold reload) before activating this ability, you can save the souls of the enemies around you by calmly saying “Relax” which sends out a shockwave that pacifies the enemies that could hear it. You instantly recieve all the experience you would have got for killing them and you can search their bodies as if they were dead. If you so desire you can then kill them for effectively double experience or leave them be, they will only fight if someone attacks them.
  • Murdercorpse: If your weapon is drawn before activating this ability, then you can calmly say “Die” and all the enemies around you will kill themselves in different ways. Be it shooting themselves, exploding themselves, jumping from a high spot, spontaneous combustion, heart attack, Spontaneous gooification or whatever else comes to mind. Kills give 40% extra experience

For the exceptionally strong enemies, they either pacify for a short time or deal big damage to themselves.


Fallout 4 Intelligence

Intelligence is the Spec.I.al stat of choice for those who are looking to level faster and create new things. Personally I love leveling and I felt it was the best way to improve my character in the long run so I maxed this out.

  • Permenantly gain +5% experience.
  • Crafting mods or building in settlements now has a chance to not consume some components and you gain an additional 5% experience for those actions.
  • Energy and Plasma weapons deal +15% Damage.
  • Robots deal 15% less and recieve 15% more Damage and give +5% experience.
  • Any robots that are not aggressive towards you, you can hack to increase their damage output by 25%. This includes, but is not limited to: Synths, Protectrons, Assaultrons, Sentry Bots, Codsworth and Turrets but if you leave the area the turrets are in or make companions leave, then the buff ends.

The spec.I.al ability here I thought would be easy to come up with but it probably took the longest time to settle on.

  • Appoximate Knowledge of Everything: You can teleport in a random robot you prepared earlier from random things lyings about to fight by your side. This robot however is much more powerful than usual and can’t be downed until the timer runs out. After the timer runs out it acts like a normal controlled robot until it is defeated. During the summoning process you recieve no damage and can hold “Space” down, if you have a critical bar filled, for a critical summon using 3 fusion cores for one of two options. Inside, the robot summoned lets out a massive electric pulse dealing massive damage and can launch mini-nukes. When the timer runs out it explodes with a nuclear explosion that is twice the size and 50% stronger than normal (you recieve only 5% damage from these attacks). While outside you summon Liberty Prime with the paint job of the faction you sided with. (Lasts for 30 seconds)


Fallout 4 Agility

Agility is the speci.A.l stat to go for if you like to sneak and eliminate the enemy without detection. This is a really useful stat for snipers and for those who like get up close and personal but don’t like enemies fighting back.

  • Sneak Criticals deal 25% more Damage.
  • Enemy Accuracy lowered by 25% while Sneaking.
  • Enemies are much more likely to lose you after spotting you if you are Sneaking.
  • Sneak Criticals to the head have a 25% chance to fill a Critical Gauge.
  • Gain 25% more AP and AP regeration.

As for the speci.A.l Ability, I had a few different ideas but ultimately I decided to go with this one.

  • Shadow Realm: Use a special nuclear smoke bomb to envelop the area you are targeting into complete darkness for everyone, except you. All attacks are sneak criticals and enemies close to each other will attack one another out of confusion and fear. If an enemy survives your attack, it’ll rampage killing everyone it can even after the smoke clears (It won’t target you until the smoke clears). With each kill you or a rampaging enemy gets, while the smoke persists, you gain a “Dark Knight” buff, which gives you +5% Damage per stack after the smoke clears for 30 seconds, this effect is doubled during night (between 6pm and 6am). (Shadow Realm lasts for 30 seconds)


Fallout 4 Luck

Luck is the specia.L stat to go for if you don’t know exactly what you want yet. It’s just a general increase that works for all builds in one way or another. I only have 7 luck currently but I do plan to max this one out and get the critical perks next.

  • Shops have a 5% chance of selling weapons or armor at a 50% discount.
  • All Damage dealt +10%.
  • All Damage recieved -10%.
  • Romance options have a 10% higher chance of success.
  • Criticals deal +20% extra Damage.
  • Outside of V.A.T.S, you have a 20% chance of each shot being a Critical.
  • Enemies Killed with a Critical drop double caps and ammo.
  • If you have a Legendary item with an ability you want you can mark that ability to show up more frequently from future Legendary equipment.

As for the specia.L ability, there are honestly a lot of fun choices, so I had to balance between fun and useful.

  • Never Tell me the Odds: Do you dislike aiming? Are the everyday struggles of enemies not dying randomly getting you down? Well, you’re in luck! This perk consists of:
  • While this is active all shots will ricochet up to 10 times to find targets and have a 50% chance of a head shot.
  • When enemies start walking towards you, there is a 50% chance they happen to step on a mine a Mysterious Stranger may have left behind.
  • If an enemy does manage to aim at you and shoot, there is a 50% chance their first shot will backfire killing them. If their shot goes off, there is a 50% chance that their bullet will miss and ricochet back at them with a 50% chance of death.
  • Melee hits with blunt weapons or unarmed have a 50% chance of healing you instead, it’s a dangerous massage.
  • Enemies with bladed melee weapons have a 50% chance of accidentally stabbing themselves when they pull back to strike you.
  • Animals have a 50% chance of tripping over or getting their wings tied up and falling unconscious for easy pickings.
  • All enemies have 50% chance of exploding when you attack them or they attack you.
  • All kills have a 50% chance of double experience.
  • Lastly all romance options for any gender have a 50% of success even with 0 charisma. it’s your lucky day!. (Never Tell me the Odds Lasts for 10 seconds)

Well I hope you liked my ideas for super powered perks for Fallout 4, If you liked this, I’ll do some more lists for other games or other ideas for this one. Till next time Legendary Looters!.

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