Best Anime Music: Iconic English Themes!

Best Anime Music: Iconic English Themes!

Hey Legendary Looters, time to check out some more of my favourite music in Anime history this time it’s Iconic Japanese Themes!. These are all my opinion, but I am open to hearing new music that I may have missed.  The only rules I’m following is 1 franchise per list and no song from a previous list can be used. So in no particular order, here’s my list!.

This will be a list of songs that were specifically made for english releases or songs that were original sung in english.

Dragon Ball Z – Rock the Dragon

Back after a break for the holidays, things should return to normal now! lets start off this list with one of the most well known english themes out there, especially for 90’s kids. this is one of those rare cases where the english theme and japanese theme, while completely different, share an equal amount of fame. There was an extended version for a game but it’s not very well done, so I decided to use this original one.

Pokémon – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Well, I’m sure you knew this would be on the list. When talking about iconic english anime themes, this one is on top of most peoples list. It’s a great coincidentally catchy song that everyone knows the lyrics to and will stop to sing regardless of situation. I wasn’t too huge on the series, loved the games but not the series so much, but even I love this song.

One Piece – Opening 1

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking but it still qualifies even if you don’t love it, everyone knows it. I think this song had a bit of a marmite response. Personally, I don’t hate this song, I thought it was odd at first but it grew on me. I’m sure a lot of people just went along with the hate it train and now like it, so i’m putting it on here!.

Cowboy Bebop – Call me Call me

This is one of the greatest series of all time, unquestionably, and the soundtrack matches it, you’ll be hearing a lot of tracks from this series. I chose this song because it was used during a very iconic scene, the saddest egg eating scene in history, even though Ed was just going to be with her dad, nothing to be sad about, yet we were. To me, this is one of the most stand out songs from the series, yes the opening and endings are more well known but I feel this is a better track.

Kuroshitsuji – I’m Alive

Kuroshitsuji became a very popular anime early in it’s life, primarily amongst women. While the series didn’t appeal to me very much, I did find a few things about it that I enjoyed but it just fell a little flat in the end, didn’t watch the second season so it may have picked up from there to the point I wanted it to get to. Though strangely enough, I got into this song not knowing where it was from, turned out to be anime, which is awesome!

I hope you liked my list! Next time we’ll be looking at Anime Opening Themes!

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