Best Video Game Music: Songs With Lyrics 2!

Best Video Game Music: Songs With Lyrics 2!

Hey Legendary Looters, time to check out some more of my favourite music in video game history this time it’s Songs With Lyrics!. These are all my opinion, but I am open to hearing new music that I may have missed.  The only rules I’m following is 1 franchise per list and no song from a previous list can be used. So in no particular order, here’s my list!.

Tales from the Borderlands – Kiss the Sky

Starting the list with a great track from a great game. This song hazs made it into my casual everyday listening list. As great as the music is, the biggest draw to this game is the story and the humour. I was surprised at how much I liked this game, even though Telltale have always done a great job, I wasn’t sure if they could do this style of game. Highly recommended!.

The World Ends With You – Three Minutes Clapping

Despite the name, it’s not just 3 minutes of clapping, there is a steady clapping beat though. It’s a slow build track, which I personally am a fan of! I find this song to be pretty unique for a game. Though this game seems to have a few great tracks in it, I’m finding this one sticks in my mind a little bit more.

NieR Gestalt & RepliCant – Kaine / Escape

Another game that manages to have a stellar OST, Pretty much any song you can pick could make it onto a list. It’s somewhat reminescent of early Ayumi Hamasaki, mixed with some classic anime. A really cool track that hit me with a lot of nostalgia from the first tiem I heard it.

Mirrors Edge – Still Alive

One of the most recognizable songs on this list. This song reached massive popularity from the trailer of Mirrors Edge. Luckily this game didn’t have the same fate as Dead Island, it was massively popular as well. Hopefully soon the sequel will come out, after it’s announcement, a lot of love came back to this song.

Portal – Still Alive

Well since I had Mirrors Edge, I figured I should add hte other well known Still Alive song. Portal was one of those songs that came out of nowhere and then all of a sudden everyone had played it and loved it! As they should! Portal is a great game and the sequel managed to the seemingly impossible of living up to expectations but as much as I love the franchise, I think a 3rd game might damage it’s legacy.

I hope you all liked my list, next time we’ll be trying something different, Best Anime Music! And to kick things off we have to do the obligatory Iconic Themes! See you next time!

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