Best Anime Music: Iconic Japanese Themes 2!

Best Anime Music: Iconic Japanese Themes 2!

Hey Legendary Looters, time to check out some more of my favourite music in Anime history this time it’s Iconic Japanese Themes!. These are all my opinion, but I am open to hearing new music that I may have missed.  The only rules I’m following is 1 franchise per list and no song from a previous list can be used. So in no particular order, here’s my list!.

Shingeki no Kyojin – Guren no Yumiya

Unquestionably one of the biggest series of recent years, and the opening music was everywhere, it was hard to avoid but it was great so it’s okay. Needless to say when they changed the opening, people were not too happy about it. This song will continue on the legacy even after the giant is crushed by it’s own popularity. I hope it doesn’t happen but with the sub par movie and the school based spin off series, I can see the saturation killing the brand.

Naruto – Haruka Kanata

Naruto had a lot of well known songs and moments, the series is great but, for the love of all that is holy, skip the filler, there is way too much filler. several other ending or opening themes could have made it to this spot but I find this is probably the only one that stood the test of time. The other songs will likely find their way into future lists. Naruto has some amazing action and great story, give it a chance but skip the filler, it’s not even good for filler.

Death Note – What’s up People

This song put Maximum the Hormone on the map, even people who don’t usually listen to this kind of music were finding they loved this track and they have done several other great songs for anime since then, they also did an ending for Death Note that will be in a future list. Due to the nature of the singing and the fact that it’s a different language to what we’re used to in the western world, it’s also the topic for tons of “misheard lyrics” type of videos.

Cowboy Bebop – Tank!

This is one the best series ever with fantastic characters, story and definitely amazing music. While this isn’t my favourite song from the series, I can’t deny how well this captures the series and is the first song anyone remembers when thinking about the series. Other songs from this series will make it onto future lists or I might even just make a list dedicated to Cowboy Bebop.

P.S. Got to love the Cowboy Bebop reference in episode 4 of Tales From the Borderlands, See you, Space Cowboy…

Fullmetal Alchemist – Ready Steady Go

(Couldn’t find a normal version of this on Youtube) Fullmetal Alchemist was one of the biggest series out there. While I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the original series. Fullmat Alchemist Brotherhood is one of my favourite series of all time. It has a lot of great openings and endings but I feel this one got the most attention and probably hits a lot of nostalgia buttons for anime fans.

I hope you liked my list! Next time we’ll be looking at Iconic English Themes!

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